The history of the Institute mirrors what so often happens when we step forward to take responsibility for changing complex systems:

  • Surprises,
  • Delays,
  • A deep appreciation for "right timing" of emergence from those complex systems.

This Institute will change as time passes, technology advances, and new needs arise. Our hope is that it becomes a community for you. Your connection with the Institute should remind you that you aren't alone in your passion to create a better way of delivering your professional services to ease the suffering of others (and not increase your own suffering). Please let us know how we can best serve you today!

At MJTI there are 3 levels you can participate:

1. From a distance by reading the newsletters, blog and social media feeds to gain new insights and resources for change (links available on the "
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2. Through taking seminars on weekends and eventually online to address your areas of interest and meet others that share your interest (Click 
here to learn more.)

3. Joining our faculty and contributors team. If you'd like to submit a blog post, offer an online course or assist at live seminars please let us know on the "
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Visionary "Dr. Matthew J. Taylor, PT, PhD is one of those rare individuals who has a clear vision, great insight and strong commitment to his work. He inspires confidence that he'll not only do what he says he will, but do it in such a way that he'll almost always exceed your expectations. As a student his work was innovative, but presented in such a thoughtful and well-researched way that you wondered why his ideas weren't mainstream already. Matt is a real leader in his field, combining leading research publications with the creation of an organizational network that has turned his vision into a reality."
Alfonso Montuori, PhD , Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

Training Leader "Matthew is a gifted and insightful therapist with an extraordinary range of knowledge. I have watched Matthew present a day-long seminar in the area of professional development in the field of Yoga therapy. Instead of a long lecture, Matthew immediately engaged a group of professionals in a creative and structured workshop where they could work on their own situations with the help and suggestions of their peers, as well as within Matthew's strategic model. I believe the whole group felt they had achieved both insight and tangible progress on their own business development needs. They also made good connections with professional colleagues that could continue past the immediate seminar."
John Kepner, MBA,  Executive Director, Intl Assoc of Yoga Therapists

Seminar Instructor  "I thought you did an awesome job and it was the best course I have gone to.  I was thinking on the way home and I did not look at my watch once thinking "I can't wait to take a break" if you know what I mean.  Everything had a nice flow to it and it was very comfortable.  Laughter during a course has also been extremely RARE!!!!   So, thank you.  I quickly looked the responses from the participants (20) and everyone who handed one in gave YOUR  rating as "awesome or excellent."   That is also a first!" - September 17-18, 2011Rick Ness, PT, Liason for the Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy School Alumni Association.

Seminar Instructor "comments from the 2011 Mayo Clinic Course on "The DSR Method of Back Pain…Putting the Fun Back into Back Pain" by Matthew Taylor PT, PhD. 

I very thoroughly enjoyed this course and the information that I learned.  I self-paid for the course, and in the end was happy to do so because of the content of the course.  Matt is a relaxed, effective, and challenging speaker, utilizing conference attendees in practical examples, and us working with each other, to bring about our realization of the topics and techniques he covered. I was able to apply and utilize the information we learned, directly into my acute-care practice, and continue to utilize this with nearly every patient that I work with for guidance in their home exercise program and use while in-house. I am looking forward to taking some time for further review of the notes, his bibliography, and f/up with ongoing courses that instruct a similar philosophy regarding chronic pain."  - TB, PT 
Seminar Instructor “The hands-on with actual patients. At first we all looked at each other like “what do we do”?  But then it just started flowing...Matt was very approachable and the small class size was a big plus” … “I didn’t expect this to be such an emotional experience, but I think it will help me have closer relationships with my patients.” - Jocelyn Unger, DPT Tucson
Seminar Instructor  “The amazing work and energy that Matt has put into this development...what an honor!”…
“I will tell as many people as possible about your course.” - Betsy Shandalov, OTR, Owner,
Seminar Instructor “The practical applications.” … “No improvements – it was a perfect blend of theory, experiential learning.” 

- Karen Mueller, PT, PhD, Faculty, NAU PT Program
Seminar Instructor “Great interaction and personal growth with components.” … “The patient interaction to ‘put it all together’ was very helpful.  Good hands on throughout.”  - Barbara Timmers, PTA, Mayo, Scottsdale
Seminar Instructor  Favorite part? “Watching change ‘arrive’ in fellow participants.” - Cheryl Van Demark, PT, RYT

Seminar Instructor "Matt made it all simple and applicable to clinical settings"
Laurie O'Shaughnessy, PT  Aspen, CO

Business Development Consultant "Through the consultancy process he helped us to be more aware of the marketplace perception of our vision. While validating our general ideas, Matt helped us to further clarify our business goals and to identify concrete action steps to follow-up our meeting. He provided supportive, friendly, yet firm advice."
Julia Theisen, RN  Scott Theisen, MS

Seminar Instructor "This course was excellent.  I will be able to go to work tomorrow and incorporate what I have learned into my treatment sessions."
Amy Metrena, PT

Seminar Instructor "Matt provided a wonderful mix of information, ideas, business skills, practice and trial.  I liked how you backed up information with science and data."
Jennifer Juska, PT

Business Development Consultant  Matt Taylor has the education and the experience to make any PT practice a success. Matt understood the needs of my particular practice and was able to "Taylor" his program to suit those needs. I felt a genuine caring about my goals. Matt's thinking is expansive, progressive, and innovative. Dynamic Systems Approach has offered me a full spectrum approach to building my business.
Marie Janisse, PT, RYT

Seminar Instructor  "Practical experiences - Able to apply techniques in all walks of life (personal/professional)."
Erin Wolfer, PT

Organizational Training "Both his warm, gentle style of teaching and his sense of humor combine to make Matt an effective and enjoyable presenter."
Susan Faupel, Education and Training Coordinator Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault

Organizational Training "The presentations were easy to follow and, from a practical standpoint, provided immediate tips on improving our health and mental status."
Larry A. Schechtman, O'Hagan, Smith & Amundsen Attorneys at Law

Seminar Instructor "Overall, the evaluations were very positive and we are extremely pleased with the results. It is our sincere hope that you will again consider presenting at one of our conferences."
Illinois Physical Therapy Association, Conference Chair

Organizational Training "It is my privilege to highlight Mr. Matt Taylor's impact on the development of JDWI's Wellness program. The Program offered by JDWI is highlighted on the RAI website under the Best Practices Section and won the 2001 'Best of the Best' Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities.
Matt's leadership in designing and implementing this recreational and health program led to the concept being highlighted at international disability conferences held annually in New York.
Don Gereau, Past Exec Dir, JDWI, Inc.

Visionary "Matt is a pioneer in the evolution of physical therapy as a science and art that encompasses body, mind and spirit.  He has shown us that it is possible to create a new model that respects both patient and therapist in their journey towards creating optimal health and well being.  "  Rachel Krentzman, PT, CYI, CPI  Director  Equilibrium Therapeutics

San Diego

Seminar Instructor "The course feedback was excellent.  They really liked the balance of lab and lecture and your willingness to interact at breaks and other times during the weekend."
The Montana Chapter of the APTA, David Levison, PT

Seminar Instructor "All of the participants felt they walked away with techniques and skills they could implement immediately and your informal teaching style allowed for us to customize some of the information to the type of practice and patient population that we interact with."
Dean Medical Center, Steve Wilkes, PT  Director

Organizational Training Thank you very much for presenting at our Fall conference, 'Enriching the Called: Nurturing the Soul & Spirit of Those who serve.' Your workshop was very well received. I heard many positive comments and the evaluations reflected that also. Your presence truly enriched the day!
Sandy Somers, RN, MS  Director, Nurses & Health Ministries Network

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