How We Explain the DSR Method to Patients

I have been advancing the important change needed in rehabilitation with the DSR Method™ since 2004.  The method was developed based on clinical practice and current research evidence supporting biopsychosocial practice.  We as healthcare providers and our clients are looking for a better way to provide care in a more compassionate and caring process.  I have been a leader of this movement, I'm a recognized expert and a spokesperson who is working tirelessly to bring it all to life. 

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How much has really changed in rehab during the last 20 years? ...and we wonder why the consumer, the payers and our peers become bored with us and don't want to pay or refer for our services? I believe it is up to you and me to create the change. Read on to see how I have created a "method" in the spirit of Dr. Morin's quote above that will help you catalyze those changes. - Matt

The  D(ynamic) S(ystems) R(ehabilitation) Method™ is a practical process for delivering and developing your biopsychosocial model of rehabilitation. The method is founded on the principle that the vocation of rehabilitation should be considered sacred work that enlivens all of those involved, while fueling innovation, creative responses and sustainable outcomes. Don't let the word "sacred" alarm you. It means to make "holy", i.e., healthy/integrated, and I use it to contrast the "profanity" of current system challenges that often makes our care profane, be it by limiting care, unreimbursed documentation, etc. The refusal to simplify is the beating heart of the biopsychosocial approach. We must fully own the uncertainty of what the complexity of being human entails.

The method is based on the dynamic systems and complexity sciences. Therefore it is an emerging process of more “how” rehabilitation is delivered than exactly “what” technique is used. This qualitative shift transforms individuals and institutions to then resist processes, policies and regulations that strip rehabilitation of dignity. As rehabilitation professionals we must step up to claim that full power of our vocation in bringing healing to our communities. This Method allows you to change within your unique, complex practice environment without abandoning all you have learned or do....the DSR Method™ changes you and then your practice changes.

What teaches us to learn, that is method. I am not supplying the method; I am starting out on the search for the method. I am not starting out with a method; I am starting out with the refusal to simplify, taken in full consciousness.

– Edgar Morin (1977/1992, p.16) Morin, E. (1992). Method: Towards a study of humankind. The nature of nature. New York: Peter Lang.