The graphic above outlines the many facets of the DSR Method. Again, this approach isn't about discarding what you have been doing (the what), but primarily changing the why. It also involves your personal embodied practice day to day to foster the behavioral and structural changes we ask of any client support. These behavioral changes across these facets changes you and your practice from the inside out. This is transformational learning in action.

Changing your practice to the DSR Method™ will also change your life. The stagnation of day in day out repetition will be replaced by an unending cycle of dynamic and inspiring lifelong education. You will return, or for perhaps for the first time, arrive at what you thought would be your life as a healthcare provider. Your relationships will be richer with both clients and co-workers. You will have a sense of business fluency and empowerment to achieve not only financial reward, but most importantly at the end of the day that what you did today mattered…both to you and those you served. And the next morning you are drawn to discover what you will learn that day rather than what you "have to do” to get by.

The DSR Method™ fosters deep relationships of discovery in traditional health care and wellness settings. While there are techniques to learn, the major difference from other methods is the DSR Method™ is about the “how” more than the “what” is done in a healing encounter. Both therapist and consumer expand their personal knowledge base of useful, practical “actions” that are integrated within a broader, meaningful framework of their lives.  Rather than the therapist being the one with all the answers, both work together discovering a richer, more clearly articulated meaning of the challenge. Together they select from the simple, effective tools of the DSR Method™ that serve as cycles of action that foster enhanced response-ability by both as they validate the tools utility in that unique circumstance…not by some contrived statistical “average” sub-group.
The balance of the therapist’s insight and the client’s active participation and reflection creates a refreshing collaborative learning experience. The Method produces tools and an expanded skill set for flourishing within the current healthcare challenging environment by addressing marketing, treatment plan adherence and referral networking. By employing the science of change both the consumer and provider leave the relationship with new perspectives and skills to thrive in our accelerating environment of change. The DSR Method™ is a scientific, transdisciplinary way to build order and meaning out of the chaos of health crises in traditional settings while enhancing the many relationships in your life.

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