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Background Details:

Dr. Taylor's Career Chapters:

  • 1980-1988 US Army physical therapist, specialized in orthopedics and burn care. 
  • 1989-1996 Sports medicine physical therapist and integrated medical gym owner.
  • 1997-2016 Mind-body physical and yoga therapist.
  • 2006- present  PhD in transformational learning theory and organizational change/creativity. 

The Matthew J Taylor Institute (MJTI) marks the fourth chapter in my career. Through this process of change and transformation over 35 years I have come to believe that working together, you and I can bring forward the future of healthcare beginning today. We are the system that needs to change. Each of us has unique talents to bring to the process, whether small local changes or large, systems changes.

I have had the privilege to assist hundreds of professionals initiate the change they desire in their lives. I continue to do so in my own career. We are all a work in progress. The MJTI is a community of learners that teach me as much as I guide them. The next decade promises to be one of dramatic change in healthcare. All of us working together can foster that change in powerful positive ways.