We aren't here for a long time, so make sure you are spending your life doing what matters!

Getting Started

Do you even need a consultant, coach or mentor? That should be your first question and you should give it some significant thought. I'm only interested in working with individuals and organizational leaders that will engage a process that fearlessly question assumptions, especially in their own thinking. That's why I begin by having interested clients fill out a short questionnaire and schedule a free 15 minute consultation. Not to "set the sales hook," but to learn if you have a need I can support and do our approaches match. Too often I've seen healthcare professionals jump from one resource to the next seeking the right fix. My experience is that beginning with clarity around your assumptions can save us all a great deal of time. So, step #1, drop us a note on the contact page and we'll email out the short questionnaire. 

Once it is determined we have a match, then we dig deeper to create an agreement unique to your needs. No boiler plate contracts. The MJTI philosophy is that creativity is context sensitive and responsive to your circumstances. I've worked with large organizations and single person practices, big budgets to shoe-string start-ups, and everything in between. At this point in my career, I'm most interested in working where I can have the most meaningful effect, and fortunately I don't have to scramble for every job opportunity. So step # 2 is establishing our agreement and goals specific for your situation.

Step # 3 is doing the work. The work begins through a homework-intensive process on your part. This can be initiated with a personal visit or remotely according to step # 2. For maximum efficiency I'll review your homework, offer feedback and when we're ready we'll meet up virtually or literally for each of the successive steps in your process. I'll be your biggest cheerleader, but I'm not a hand-holder. You'll find testimonials here  and in the right hand column of this page are some of my past clients.

Make no mistake about it, creating something new is extremely hard work. But nothing else compares in terms of meaning and satisfaction. So let's get to work. Call us at 480-699-4867 or message us on the contact page.

  • US Army Fitness and Back care consultant to military and federal government facilities.
  • Fitness and Back care consultant to Civil Construction (Freeport, IL), Dupaco Credit Union (Dubuque, IA), Rentech Chemical (East Dubuque, IL) and others.
  • ​Illinois Rehab Association award-winning wellness program for the Jo Daviess County Workshop for People with Disabilities. 
  • Led the development of the profession as President, Board of Directors, International Association of Yoga Therapists.
  • Organizational Change Study consultant for The Courage Center, Golden Valley, MN.
  • Numerous research projects.
  • References available for many individual consultancy experiences.

Experience Counts

Today's accelerated pace and volume of change can easily leave us exhausted and numb in our 24/7 lifestyle. Change we must, but how do we, and our organizations, thrive in this new world of uncertainty? Beware the consultant that declares they know!

That's someone's tired world-view of certainty who hasn't realized their schtick is out-dated. Creativity science based on complexity theory warns that a precise recipe or formula can't possibly address your or your organization's unique needs and vision.

Rather, humility is what sets our service apart. We offer processes and technologies that will allow the next version of you or your firm to emerge, but modestly acknowledge there is no way to say with precision what that version will be. 

Terrible marketing on our part to not "sell" certainty! But it's the truth. At some point in your career you've probably already tried other services and found them lacking what matches who you are or want to be. Together, we can work to discover what you are seeking and we might both be pleasantly surprised at what develops.

See below to get started!

How Do We Change?

 As healthcare professionals we were  taught how to provide our specific  profession's best care. No one ever  mentioned,

  "And somewhere along the way  human understanding and systems  are going to change so much that  you will need to re-create both  your personal professional practice  and the systems within which  healthcare is delivered."


 Well, that day is here and we are the  system...let's get to work re-creating!

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