Since 1998 Dr. Taylor's vision for a learning community of healthcare professionals has been emerging. It began then with what his son teased was "MyBasement Seminars", or MyBalance Seminars. This was the company that was formed to take Dr. Taylor's integration of yoga therapy principles out into conventional rehabilitation.

Over time the term "biopsychosocial" began to appear in the conventional literature. Dr Taylor's transdisciplinary doctoral work focused on finding practical ways for people with chronic spine pain to create new ways of addressing their challenges through biopsychosocial practices. The emphasis of social creativity by his doctoral chair Alfonso Montuori, PhD, created the bridge to what now is the focus of this latest iteration of a learning community... creativity in healthcare, with an emphasis in rehabilitation.

Together we share the vision, commitment and collaboration to take responsibility for creating the future of healthcare now! Join us, won't you?

About the Matthew J Taylor Institute